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Anti-bullying plan

School anti-bullying policy (PDF 760KB)                            

North Gosford Learning Centre is an inclusive environment, where diversity is affirmed and individual differences are respected.

Bullying is not acceptable in any form. Students and Teachers have the right to expect that they can go about their days work free from all types of bullying, harassment and intimidation.

Bullying is intentional repetitive behaviour from an individual or group that causes distress, hurt and risks your wellbeing. Bullying can be verbal, physical, social and/or psychological. The school delivers programs to the entire cohort with the view of providing students with the tools to recognise, refrain and eliminate bullying behaviour in themselves and others. Individual interventions are delivered to students identified as needing more assistance in understanding acceptable ways to interact socially. Ongoing information on bullying is provided in the term newsletter.

It is the responsibility of all staff, students, parents and members of the wider school community to continually work together to address bullying. The individual must encourage others to comply with the schools expectation on the appropriate social interactions. All must understand that it is their duty to report any instances of bullying to executive staff so perpetrators can be identified and assisted to modify their behaviour.

The school believes constant modelling by staff of respectful and positive relations is a must. This coupled with ongoing gathering and monitoring of data on the student welfare system produces an environment where bullying is less likely to occur.


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