North Gosford Learning Centre

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About our school

North Gosford Learning Centre (NGLC) is a NSW Department of Education special school catering for students aged 10–16 years (years 5 to 10). Students at (NGLC) have a documented pattern of behavioural difficulties and/ or emotional disturbance.

The purpose of the school is to assist students in a successful full time return to their home school or other least restrictive environments.

North Gosford Learning Centre aims to support students through an individual case management approach to integrate successfully back into a mainstream school, or develop skills that will enhance their ability with their education to positively engage in the wider community.

North Gosford Learning Centre is staffed by trained and dedicated specialist educators from a range of teaching backgrounds with experience and / or qualifications in behaviour support. Staff have extensive experience and bring with them knowledge, expertise and personal commitment to working with students who display behavioural difficulties.

North Gosford Learning Centre students are provided with a safe and nurturing environment that develops respect, understanding and responsibility. We have an effective pastoral and discipline policy focusing on individual responsibility, social skills, decision making and citizenship.

We encourage families to be involved in student planning and programs. We offer opportunities for families to engage with our school counsellor wherever required and actively facilitate access to a range of family and community support agencies.

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